SEADA would like to introduce are latest distributor, Anders+Kern UK Ltd.

A+K are a UK based Distributor in Fordham, Cambridge, and are a prominent distributor of audio visual and workplace technology solutions. A+K are dedicated to empowering organisations with smarter spaces and connected experiences. Additionally they deliver a comprehensive range of innovative technologies, from cutting-edge AV solutions to IoT tools, workspace software, room and desk booking panels, and occupancy sensors, all through a network of trusted channel partners and resellers. With a commitment to excellence and customer success, Anders+Kern helps businesses of all sizes optimise their workspaces, enhance communication and collaboration, and embrace the future of work.

SEADA have an excellent range of video wall controllers, processors and conference solutions. With the help of Anders+Kern we believe we could reach a much wider audience and help enhance A+K’s product portfolio and provide customers with the most advanced and reliable AV solutions.

SEADA’s Commercial Director, David Ren, expressed enthusiasm, saying, “Teaming up with Anders+Kern is a strategic move that aligns with our vision of reaching a wider audience. Together, both companies look forward to delivering unparalleled AV solutions to clients across various industries.”

We look forward to working alongside Anders+Kern and delivering AV solutions that cater to diverse needs to businesses across the UK. The partnership between SEADA Technology Ltd and Anders + Kern starts immediately.

For more information about Anders+Kern, please visit their website. And for more information about us at SEADA, and what we have to offer, please visit our website.

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