SEADA are excited to announce the launch of our NEW control keyboard, SDC-TR03 ✨

SDC-TR03 control keyboard is a new generation of Android-based PoE-enabled touchscreen keyboard for controlling up to 2048 network cameras. Featuring a 7-inch capacitive touch screen and user-friendly UI, SDC-TR03 can provide a real-time preview on the keyboard and project the image onto an external display though its HDMI interface.

Additionally this control keyboard supports advanced video decoding capabilities, including H.265 single-channel 4K@60 and H.264 four-way 1080P@60. With its 4D joystick and function keys, SDC-TR03 can quickly locate targets and perform various control operations on the selected PTZ camera.

Key features includes:
  • Camera looping
  • Supports layout switch
  • Supports photo capture and video recording of the network cameras
  • 64GB on-board storage and external storage via USB stick or MicroSD

For more information on the SDC-TR03, click here or contact us at [email protected], or call us on 01527 584364.  You can also keep up to date with us on social media, our links are below.

We also offer onsite and offsite training as well as free webinar training, where one of our brilliant team members will give you some training and tell you more about this product.