SEADA are excited to announce the launch of our new USB 2.0 Extenders, SD-USB50 and SD-USB100. 🚀 The USB 2.0 Extenders can extend USB signal up to 50m/164ft and 100m/328ft via Cat 5e/6 cable.

On the SD-USB50 & SD-USB100 transmitter, the USB-B port is connected to a PC. On the receiver, you can connect with USB devices (such as USB flash disk or Printer) through the two USB ports. 

🌟 Key Features include: 🌟

  • Support one USB-B port input on the transmitter
  • Support two USB 2.0 ports output on the receiver
  • Supports PoC function which means that either the transmitter or receiver is powered (SD-USB100)
  • Simple plug and play, no drive and setting installation required
  • Compact design for easy and flexible installation


For more information about SD-USB50 & SD-USB100, please click here. Also, please do get in touch, you can contact us at [email protected] or 01527 584364 and we are always happy to help 😀
We also offer onsite and offsite demos as well as free online training webinars, where one of our brilliant team members will give you some training on this product.
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