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Education and Government

Why Seada for Education and Government applications?

Leading Federal agencies and government entities rely on Seada display solutions, built in the UK, to foster collaboration, monitor their operations, identify problems and drive to quick resolution. Navigating through big data, multiple IP or analog video streams and computer sources around the globe requires the latest high resolution displays, video wall and image processing solutions, whether the application is a conference room, situation room, a decision theater, or an office.

Seadas product offering is broad and features some common characteristics that set these products apart.

Making Better Decisions, Faster

Visualizing big data, engaging with multiple video sources, and PC applications is putting more demand on display technology across agencies and affiliates. Seadas offering brings that data to life so that real-time decisions can be made in mission-critical environments.  From the desktop workstation to the decision theater, Seadas wide range of solutions help our customers make tough decisions at the Federal, state, or local levels.

Exceptional Value for the Integrator and Client

Seadas solutions are engineered to make design, installation, and maintenance less expensive and have a lower total cost of ownership optimized for conference and control room environments, with features fanless design and lockable power supplies. Our participation with distributors and integrators make doing business with Seada easy and efficient.

Easy to Buy, Simple to Own

With manufacturing and service capabilities here in the UK, customers enjoy local support.  Online and phone support to outbound training, clients rely on Seadas responsiveness and commitment to customer success

Applications for digital display technology in higher education have never been more exciting. From reliable displays that can handle the rigors of public access to specialty displays for labs and classrooms, colleges and universities turn to Seada for their digital display requirements.

Seadas offering is broad and features some common characteristics that set these displays apart in the most demanding educational environments.

Create the Biggest Impression

From the any degree rotation of the G4K Pro to the edge blending projection solution of the G4K DS, Seada configurations provide installation and design flexibility. Digital displays around campus can be updated at the push of a button with emergency campus alerts, late-breaking game scores, or event information. Students, faculty and visitors receive the information and inspiration they need, in a format that is compelling and demonstrates technology leadership.

 Designed to suit

Seada video wall and digital signage displays are designed to blend seamlessly into modern environments with beautiful industrial designs and colour match options. Seada digital signage displays feature a thin-mounting profile, compliant with ADA standards and eliminating the need for additional structures or costly insets.

Exceptional Value

Seadas display solutions are engineered to make design, installation and maintenance less expensive while delivering a lower total cost of most of the competition.


  • Seamlessly display any video content over any region on the video wall
  • Off-board electronics minimize heat generation and makes maintenance less disruptive
  • Large scale monitoring provides crisp and clear content for better decision making
Application Need Seada Product
Eye-catching and impressive display wall in athletic facilities and stadiums, student centers or executive education centers G4K Pro and G4K DS are both ideal solutions, using any degree rotation and edge blending projection to create visually attractive and interesting video wall displays.
Digital signage that meets the demands A digital signage solution of any purpose, Seada offers customisable units with many input and output options. Whether it is creative digital signage, Command and Control or projection, Seada has a product for your needs.
Visualization and presentation technology for effective discussions and decision making in meeting rooms A pioneer in control room video technology, Seada is making controllers for bigger, brighter and better designs and processing functionality. Conference solutions, including pop up screens and motorised desk monitors work perfectly for a meeting room setup.
Reliable desktop displays for staff and student use in computer labs and libraries Seadas conference line includes various built in desk monitors, with microphones and retractable tablets. Windows operating systems installed.
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