GM9 Creative Video Wall Controller from SEADA

The GM9 standalone series video wall controllers consist of a 64GB on board 4K Media Player for playing both videos and photos, one HDMI capture channel, scrolling text, two USB ports and one Cloud messenger for sending the photos and greetings onto video wall, which means it can display multi contents onto the video wall with Picture in Picture ability.

GM9 supports any degree rotation on each output with the ability to upscale and downscale the resolution freely for all sorts of applications. This makes the GM9 the ideal solution for eye catching creative video walls, where the screens are in irregularly layout.

  • Any degree rotation at any 9 outputs
  • Built in 4K Media Player with 64GB storage
  • Supports HDMI Video Capture
  • Supports Picture in Picture
  • Supports Play Videos and Display Images from USB Flashdrives
  • Supports Cloud Management
  • Supports Scrolling Text and Image
  • Supports Display Images and Text from Smart Phones via Cloud
  • Supports Alpha Compositing Video Capture Window Display
  • Supports TCP/IP and RS232
  • Supports Remote Power On/Off