Case Studies

Seada SolarWall used in Italy


This 36 46'' video wall powered by SEADA SW video wall controller brings shine at customer's site. SEADA's SW video wall controllers offer multi 4K inputs onto this 12x3 video wall with features of PiP, OSD, pre-set layouts, iOS app and so on.  

Seada G4K Pro HD Video Walls at Benenden Hospital


Benenden Hospital in Kent, England opened a new building focused on delivering a calming and restoring environment for patients, including a set of HD screens connected by SEADA G4K Pro.

Benenden Hospital created sensory experiences throughout the hospital, which features moving landscapes replicating colourful fields and forests displayed across 15 LG 55in 55LV75A screens, as they wait for appointments.

Benenden enlisted OOHSCREEN to manage the project. OHSCREEN came to SEADA for our G4K Pro Any Degree Rotation video wall controller for the digital signage solution throughout.

The displays are configured in sets of three, resulting in five consecutive HD videowalls. SEADA G4K Pro’s 4 HDMI outputs allowed for HD quality imagery across every screen, making for incredible picture and colour.

Seada G4K PRO seamlessly splits the content across the displays. 



Siam discovery, designed by renowned Japanese designer and architect “Nendo”, used 220 screens of video wall in its atrium which are powered by SEADA G4K Creative video wall controllers.

This video wall with 220 screens plays the role of a directory for the whole store and has the effect of drawing visitors to the upper floors.

It needs to display the different information in each individual small video wall or the same information across the entire video wall of 220 screens with different angles. SEADA’s G4K fits the project perfectly with its any degree rotation, daisy chain ability, 4K video input and completely silent with its fanless design.

49 Screens of Video Wall


The Challenges

When Al-Hiwar TV, an Arabic language satellite TV channel, decided to apply video walls consists of 49 55’’ screens to its new studio in London, the biggest challenge for them was how to achieve good video quality on the video wall when the video source and video wall controller were in the utility room which was 40 meters away from the studio. Nearly all video wall controllers on the market only have standard DVI or HDMI outputs which are only able to offer up to 15 meters distance for 1080p60 video source even with expensive and very thick of 24AWG cables.

Another challenge for them was to use one video wall controller to control more than one video wall individually in that studio, since total 2 video walls were formed with these 49 screens for its main news presentation desk and a secondary meeting & interview table area.

The Solutions

When VMClouds, the system Integrator for this project, came to SEADA for help, we offered our SolarWall video wall controllers with HDBaseT graphic cards and MVWS (Multi Video Walls Support) technology.

The HDBaseT video outputs on SEADA’s SolarWall video wall controller enable the Al-Hiwar TV to locate the controller far away from the video wall screens (up to 100 meters) without losing any quality. It makes the cabling much easier and also saves a lot of cost on just using CAT cable instead of expensive HDMI/DVI cables.

SEADA’s MVWS technology enables users to control up to 4 video walls simultaneously from the same SolarWall controller, which makes the management much easier and saves cost on chassis and capture cards since only one chassis is needed for 4 video walls and capture cards can be shared between video walls. This technology was perfect for Al-Hiwar TV requirement of controlling two video walls with one controller.



A 6x6 Format Video Wall Powered by SEADA’s G4K Video Wall Controllers

In celebration of the universities' first decade as an established university, Southampton Solent University UK wanted a bespoke video wall for its new five-story building which aims to offer state-of-the-art facilities for staff and students ‘to study, socialise and share learning experiences’.

This 6x6 format video wall consisting of 36 x 55’’ screens were powered by SEADA’s G4K video wall controllers.

A total 9 units of G4K were used in this 36 screens video wall and daisy chained as one system simply using HDMI cables.

With its unique features of daisy chain and frame lock for all outputs, SEADA’s G4Ks were able to take a video content and display them across this giant video wall with perfect frame lock.

Thailand video wall case-study


SEADA are proud to have supplied the G4K video wall controllers which powered this 8K-enabled video wall consisting of fifty 55’’ horizontal and portrait screens at Siam Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

With its unique features of 4K input, daisy chain and frame lock, SEADA’s G4Ks were able to take genuine 8K (7680 x 2160) video content and display them onto this unique creative video wall.

A total of 13 G4K units were used in this massive video wall and was divided into 2 groups. Each group of G4Ks took a piece of 4K content from this 8K video source and then spliced them together. Thanks to our G4Ks’ perfect frame lock ability, a seamless 8K-enabled video wall was created.

As you can see by the footage below, the video content flows perfectly across all screens, showing incredible quality and functionality. 



This 2x6 portrait video wall was designed for a full-sized lecture room in its state of the art Pod structure at Southampton Solent University.

Due to its compact design and function of the video wall for the lecture room, it needed a video wall controller which would be quiet, small size and able to support 12 screens in a portrait mode that were the reasons of SEADA’s G4Ks were chosen.

With its Fanless design, G4K is completely silent and perfect for quiet video. Its compact design enables users to have two G4Ks in a 1U chassis rack which makes G4Ks desirable for video walls where room space is essential. Moreover, its ability to rotate the output video and unlimited daisy chain make the G4Ks ideal for any size video wall with creative layout.